Da BOMB!!!

MP9_Big_Bob-OmbIt was a bit of a weird afternoon today in Kabul. I was hanging out in my room listening to music when I heard the alarm go off. It sounded like it was off in the distance so I didn’t worry about it too much. A few minutes later Captain Ben knocks on my door, “I think something might be going on in a nearby compound,” he says. Apparently he’d heard what he thought sounded like an explosion which shook the door to his room. Shortly thereafter our own alarm system goes off blaring, “Lockdown, lockdown, lockdown,” combined with a loud siren.
As per our security briefings, we go upstairs, sit on the floor, and wait for stragglers. After a few seconds they close the door and bolt it shut. There’s a small peep-hole to check for others who might need a late entry.

It doesn’t take long for them to discover that the threat was a rocket that landed on the airport runway, possibly targeting a government official. We then hear someone yell, “all clear, all clear, all clear,” from outside and we are then allowed to go about our day as usual.

Thankfully I still have facebook while we’re locked down and so I tell Elissa what’s been going on. She then posts the above bomberman to my wall saying, “Sit still Nickie!” Funny girl…

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Hello from Afghanistan!


View from the plane!

Hey, I made it!

It only took me 4 days to get here, but finally here I am at the compound in Afghanistan. What can I tell you about it? Hmm… I was a little¬†bit freaked out at first because there was a suicide bombing on the day that I arrived which killed 9 people, however, I soon learned about how much security there is here at the compound and that we’re a much less likely choice for a target.

It’s basically like a hotel here except with shit tons of security guards that hang out on the roof etc, barbed wire cement walls, and a few amenities like a dust filled swimming pool, gym, and squash courts. As most of you know I’m not one for working out, so I mostly just sit around trying to learn how to play my ukulele, or building this blog. I also spend a lot of time eating because there is an all you can eat buffet for breakfast and dinner. At first I was pretty excited about it, but then I learned that the menu is pretty much the same thing every day. No complaints here though, free food is still free food!

Normally I would be working right away, but another plane decided to crash into our plane, which basically means I have to wait around for them to put the pieces back together. Until them I’m going to learn how to play,¬†“Warning Sign,” by Coldplay and then play it for you like a pro when I get home!

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