Chicken Street


Yesterday I finally got to see a place called Chicken Street. I wasn’t sure if I would get to check it out before I left town because of all the drama going on in and around Kabul. We called the UN and made sure it was a safe time to explore and then got a driver to take us downtown.

Chicken street is a famous street dedicated to Afghani craft and antique vendors. I bought a few things, but it’s hard when you only have one suitcase to fill and it’s already full!

   Blue lapis necklace. Made from stones that are only found in Afghanistan.

Doesn’t he make you want to buy flowers!

Carry it everywhere you go! (BOTH HANDS)



After spending way too much money at the market, Russ (the engineer that works with us) and I go to a cool little coffee shop for cappuccino’s. The outside courtyard is decorated with these awesome stenciled paintings. Inside is like an art gallery with really expensive but beautiful artwork, carpets, and jewellery.

This guy even pushes it around for you…

Two can share?

Tea shrine



I need to buy a tea set when I get home so I can stay on top of this coffee-free kick I’m doing. I feel a lot better without it and green tea is a million times healthier. Maybe I will even build a shrine to the tea gods like this one!








Captain Jen Shmenk and I pose with a poppy that she picked for me at the airport in Kunduz. The surrounding fields are full of them. If only boys were so sweet!

Handmade dresses in one of the chicken street shops.



I wonder what Laura would do if I brought her home a goat to hang in her new living room. Best find out shall we?








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2 Responses to Chicken Street

  1. S says:

    I would have picked you some poppies! I wouldnt want to wander in some guy’s opium poppy field and get shot down by the taliban though!

  2. mom says:

    Love it! But no to goat for Laura….lol

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