New Year in Afghanistan

The year is 1392. I guess they do things a little differently over here lol

Lunch with the R1 crew

Thursday is a holiday due to the new year celebrations so our crew decides to do a little excursion. The Vice President of Regional 1 has flown in for a visit (and to hand deliver Baby Dash parts) so we go on a tour of downtown Kabul and visit Serena Hotel, which is the fanciest hotel in the city as well as a UN approved outing location. It has very high security and a gourmet buffet with sushi, Vietnamese, smoked salmon, coffee cheesecake and a variety of other delish things.

Afterwards we drive around town and discretely take photos of some of the buildings. It is not wise to draw attention to yourself in Afghanistan so taking good quality photos is difficult. We have to sneak them from the windows of the van as we drive by, careful not to take photos while we are stopped or in congested areas.




This used to be the Kings palace until it was demolished. He then relocated to downtown Kabul.







This is the Blue Mosque.




It’s crazy how the Afghani’s build their houses into the surrounding mountains. I guess that’s how they fit 4-6 million people into one valley (The population is a rough estimate as it is difficult to do a proper census here)

We celebrated their new year in our own way… With box wine!

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2 Responses to New Year in Afghanistan

  1. Toby says:

    Thanks for the update Nick

  2. mom says:

    Sounds rather fun kiddo!

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