Flying around Afghanistan!

photo (12)

I finally got to go to work today. Yay! We went from Kabul -> Bamyan -> Mazar -> Kunduz -> and then we tried to make it into Faizabad but the weather was too crazy.

<- Here is a photo of Bamyan. This town is really cool because there are Buddha statues the size of sky scrapers that were carved out of the mountain. Unfortunately the Taliban came and demolished them because the statues didn’t coincide with their own religious beliefs. In this picture you can actually see one of the statues off to the left, although its features are no longer recognizable. There are also little caves and pathways all over the mountain, which provided housing to the artists as they worked their way up. Amazing!

photo (10)


This little gem is the airport terminal in Bamyan. Fancy eh ->

photo (7)





<- The police tried to insinuate that they would have to cut off my wrists if I took photos of the famous statues, but they were certainly keen on having their own photo taken!

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2 Responses to Flying around Afghanistan!

  1. mom says:

    Keep a rein on those lips girly…..I know exactly what you’d like to inform them!

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